Welcome to the Home of ParsNegar™

ParsNegar was a simple, easy to use and flexible word processor that was designed to be used with the western versions of Windows.


Histroy of ParsNegar

ParsNegar was available from April 1994 to January 2018.

ParsNegar was created by Tooraj Enayati.

Why ParsNegar was Created

At the time of its introduction, Microsoft's support for Arabic/Persian and Hebrew required the users to install a special version of Windows on their PC. This wasn't always a practical solution for people living in western countries. Further to that the special versions of Windows, needed special versions of applications as well, such as Arabic or Hebrew versions of Microsoft Office etc.  These applications were often more expensive than the English/western versions.

ParsNegar was designed so you didn't have to buy any extra software to write Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish or Assyrian (and other rights to left scripts) under your existing version of Windows (western version of Windows). You could also use ParsNegar to enter your right to left text into your favourite Windows program.

ParsNegar could be used on its own or as a tool for other Windows applications.

You could simply use ParsNegar as you would use Windows WordPad/Write application. However, you could also use ParsNegar to type your right to left text and then copy and paste it (or drag and drop it) into other Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, FrontPage, Corel!DRAW, PhotoShop etc. The list is almost as long as the list of applications available for Windows.

ParsNegar could also be used to create HTML files, which could be used to create websites on the Internet and to send Arabic/Persian/Urdu email messages. The HTML file required downloading the a font to render them viewable in browsers.